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Important: Survey of current and former national professional officers

Are you a current of former national professional officer?

The International Civil Service Commission is currently reviewing the use of the national professional officer (NPO) category of staff in the United Nations Common System. In order to contribute to the review and get the best deal for NPO colleagues, the federations of staff unions would be grateful if current and former NPOs could fill in this short survey:

The survey aims to collect your views and experiences on the required qualifications, type of work, salaries and allowances, and career opportunities currently prevailing for the NPO category, so as to evaluate whether the current compensation and contractual frameworks are appropriate.

Thank you for your time.

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  1. g k m nasarullah

    I am a sr retired National officer NO C level, with worked with WFP Bangladesh in as Head of sub office and akso as operational manager of the CO , adequately responsible for diversified programne management and as operational manager , overall responsible for admistrative financial , procurement , HR and logistic management including security.
    As sr national officer of wfp I had played delicate and critical roles in the overall CO program management , attended several sr level in house and inter agencies meeting and also with counterpart agencies including govt of bangladesh. Played roles of the section head .
    Acted as regional admin and finance officer Kosovo 6 months , HR and procurement officer 3 month s in Indonesia and Admin and liason officer at Bandache 6 months on TDY.
    NOs have been playing very significant roles in CO and have been shouldering very important functios of the CO .

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