Call for nominations: UN Staff Union (New York) Leadership and the 45th Council

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In accordance with the Statute and Regulations of the United Nations Staff Union (Union), and with the electoral procedures and calendar for election prepared by the Polling Officers for election of the 45th Staff Council (Council) and Leadership of the Union, the Polling Officers would like to announce the call for nomination of candidates, as follows:

  1. Leadership (President, First Vice-President, and Second Vice-President)
  2. Staff Representatives and Alternate Representatives for thirty-eight (38) Electoral Units.

Please refer to the apportionment of the United Nations Secretariat in New York to identify your electoral unit.

Electoral Procedures

The Polling Officers, being independently responsible for organising and conducting elections and publishing its results, operationally independent, and have the sole authority to establish the pertinent electoral procedures, have established the following electoral procedures in full compliance with the Statute and Regulations of the Union:

  1. Election of the Leadership and 45th Council of the Union shall be carried out by electronic voting.
  2. Absentee ballots shall be provided to all members of the Union requesting them in writing from
  3. A registration period in which members of the Union may request absentee ballots in writing shall commence on the day of first call for nominations and end at the end of the last day of the nomination period.
  4. During the registration period, the Polling Officers shall endeavour to ensure the eligibility of all registered voters.

Registration for absentee ballots

Staff wishing to register for absentee ballots must send a message to

Schedule of events

27 February 2017 Call for nominations/Start of registration period of absentee ballots
3 March 2017 (deadline midnight EST) Closing date of call for nominations/End of registration period of absentee ballots
14 March 2017 Announcement of elections and final list of candidates
22-23 March 2017 Elections
24 March 2017 Announcement of results of elections



Polling officers

The polling officers are:

Daniel Bridi, Chairperson (UNOV)
Astrit Sulstarova (UNOG)
Tor Bothner (UNOG)
Dejan Berberovic  (MICT)
Faustina van Aperen  (ILO)
Yvan Poulin  (ILO)
Philip Scarr  (FSU)
Hassan Malik  (UNIDO)
Dolores Leppich  (UNIDO)
Asha Dhillon  (UNHCR)
Audrey Hyatt  (UNDP)
Fikerte Assefa  (UNDP)