You are currently viewing Results of the UN global staff satisfaction survey 2017 are now out!

Results of the UN global staff satisfaction survey 2017 are now out!

Which are the best UN departments and missions in which to work, which have the best leadership and in which do staff feel the most empowered (and in which do they feel the least)?

This and many other questions are answered in the report of the Global Staff Satisfaction Survey 2017, in which 4,000 of you took part last week, representing ten percent of staff.

The answers may confirm your impressions but will more likely surprise you.

  • The results are sorted by department or mission, and are useful for:
    staff making career choices;
  • the Secretary-General in making hiring decisions and monitoring performance of department and mission leaders;
  • department heads in identifying strength and weaknesses; and
  • staff representatives in identifying areas of concern for staff.

The report includes:

  • comparative bar charts by department or mission for question categories and select questions;
  • all average scores by department or mission for questions, categories and overall; and
  • all comments by department or mission.

In addition, the raw data for the survey is available at so that staff can analyze and draw their own conclusions.

This is the first time that such a survey has been carried out at the UN in recent memory. As such, there will be room for improvement in the questions and methodology. Lessons will be learned and much debate will be had.

We hope you find the report useful.