Announcement of Candidates for the Election of Staff Representatives to the UN Staff Pension Committee

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Dear Colleagues,


As a result of the nomination process, 43 candidates have been nominated for election of staff representatives (four Members and two Alternates) to the UN Staff Pension Committee of the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund.


Please find candidates’ biographical information and statements at this link:


The online election is scheduled to be open between Friday, 31 March, 6 PM EST and Monday, 10 April, 9 AM EST. A link to the electronic ballot will be sent by email starting this Friday, at 6 PM EST, and it is estimated that it will take approximately 24 hours to reach all staff members.


On the electronic ballot, voters will be able to select between 1 and 6 candidates.


For any question on this process, do not hesitate to contact the Polling Officers at:


Polling officers:

Eugen Gheorghe, Chariperson

Herson Abreu

Jacquelyn Amoko

Crispian Smith