Announcement of the Results of the Election of Staff Representatives to the UN Staff Pension Committee

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce the results of the election of staff representatives (four Members and two Alternates) to the UN Staff Pension Committee of the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund.

Rank Candidate Votes %
1 ABU RAKABEH, Mary (UNICEF) 5,149 28.85
2 ROCKCLIFFE, Michelle (UNJSPF) 3,127 17.52
3 RICHARDS, Ian (UNCTAD) 2,956 16.56
4 NYIRATUNGA, Bernadette (UNICEF/Operation/Admin.) 2,887 16.18
5 FAYE, Ibrahima (UNJSPF/OPER/PES) 2,779 15.57
6 NDIAYE, Ndeye Aissatou (UNHCR) 2,750 15.41

This link shows the poll results:

Congratulations to the newly elected staff representatives!

Polling Officers:
Eugen Gheorghe, Chairperson
Herson Abreu
Jacquelyn Amoko
Crispian Smith