Paper raises serious questions regarding the credibility of the decision of the International Civil Service Commission to reduce pay in Geneva by 7.5 percent

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Last week the staff federations, CCISUA and FICSA, asked their statistical experts to scrutinize the data and calculations behind the ICSC’s recommendation for a 7.5 percent pay cut.

The paper, attached here, raises a number of serious questions and points to how the cost-of-living in Geneva may have been artificially and deliberately reduced:

  • The ICSC’s conclusions diverge significantly from comparable macroeconomic indicators.
  • The ICSC recommended a final result that does not appear consistent with the conclusions reached earlier by its own committee of experts.
  • The ICSC artificially reduced its calculations of the cost-of-living in Geneva by including rental prices from a third country (France).
  • The ICSC does not appear to have correctly applied the methodology, leading to potential downward distortions in the calculation of cost-of-living.

We urge you to read the paper. We will also be sharing it with Executive Heads of Organizations.

We do not believe that Organizations should implement a recommendation of the ICSC where they may have good reason to believe, based on information shared with them, that the recommendation does not conform to the facts. Indeed UN Appeal Tribunal judgement 2011-UNAT-115 paragraph 29 states that the decision of an organization “must be supported by facts”.