CCISUA and FICSA ask organizations not to retaliate against staff during Geneva work stoppage

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Today the staff federations wrote to the executive heads of organizations with staff in Geneva requesting that no action be taken against staff that participate in a work stoppage.

Work stoppages were mandated by staff in Geneva during an Extraordinary Meeting of staff on 24 May, through this resolution. The resolution was taken in response to the decision of the ICSC to cut pay in Geneva by 7.7 percent.

The rationale behind the cut has been called into question both by staff and by UN common system organizations in Geneva. The statistics used by the ICSC are also questionable.


The letter to heads of organizations sets out the scope of a work stoppage, the right of staff to participate in a stoppage free from retaliation, and that the stoppage is aimed at the ICSC rather than to those organizations have have been supportive of staff on this matter.

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