FIRST GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION: Staff Federations Send a Letter to Executive Heads

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First Global Day of Action: 27 February


Staff of the UN common system call for a global day of action to demand reform of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) and to reinstate its neutrality.

This global day of action coincides with a meeting of the ICSC to decide on post adjustment questions which, in the recent past, has led to cuts in pay to professional staff. It also follows a joint letter to UN Executive Heads that outlines why staff have lost confidence in the independence and technical competence of the ICSC. This letter calls for an urgent review of the ICSC’s governance structure, regulations and rules with a view to creating an accountable body that follows a transparent, balanced and fair process and methods. To this end, the Staff Federations appeal to UN agencies to take the following immediate steps:


  1. Temporarily suspend cooperation with ICSC in relation to cost-of-living and local salary surveys
  2. Temporarily withhold financial contributions to the ICSC
  3. Defer implementation of all decisions made by the ICSC since 2016.  More specifically, uphold the recommendations of UN Human Resources Network made in relation to the 2016 cost-of-living survey


The letter further highlights that ICSC’s outdated governance model and working methods have led to a substantial deterioration in the employment conditions of UN staff around the world. Whether it is how the ICSC determines local salaries, post adjustment, hardship and family/non-family classification, or the recent compensation review, the ICSC’s refusal to correct its own statistical errors, to reverse manipulations of its own methodology or to be accountable for its decisions, show that it has moved from being an impartial, technical body to one motivated solely by an austerity agenda driven by certain member states.

The first global day of action will take place Tuesday, 27 February, however, the Staff Federations will use all available means to continue this campaign. The day will feature broadcasts, gatherings, townhalls, demonstrations and work stoppages, coming on the heel of collective actions and legal appeals that are already taking place in Geneva, Bangkok and other duty stations.


Please get in touch with your staff union for more information.