Global Day of Action: Live updates

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As the Global Day of Action kicks off, UN staff around the world organize meetings, rallies and other actions, as part of a global staff union campaign in protest at continued deterioration in conditions of service. This deterioration includes pay cuts for staff with working spouses and children, cuts in assistance for children with special needs, unrealistic classification of hardship posts, the removal of accelerated home leave for difficult and dangerous duty stations, erosion of pay in high inflation duty stations in the field, and pay cuts of 25 percent in Tokyo, 13,4 percent in Bangkok, 6 percent in New York and 5 percent in Geneva.


The focus of the Global Day of Action is the manner in which the International Civil Service Commission has determined pay and conditions despite adverse tribunal judgments, the discovery of errors in calculation and distortions of methodology, with no avenue for correcting its mistakes. Staff unions have called for the right to be able to directly negotiate their pay and conditions, as required in many national laws.


We will keep updating this post with more pictures and information from colleagues joining our global campaign from different duty stations around the world.

Friday, 23 March

UNOG staff in Geneva go on a second strike


ILO staff in Geneva go on strike


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Thursday, 22 March

ILO staff in Geneva go on strike


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Wednesday, 21 March

UN staff in Bangkok vote by 707 votes to 39 to hold work stoppage

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Monday, 19 March

UN staff demonstrate in New York in solidarity with UN common system staff around the world

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Friday, 16 March


UN staff in Geneva vote by 1,040 votes to 120 to go on strike



Tuesday, 27 February


Erbil, Iraq | UNHCR staff send a message to ICSC



Islamabad, Pakistan | Representative of UNODC in Pakistan and heads of UN Habitat, UNDP, UN Women, UNFPA, UNIDO, WFP, UNAMA, IOM, UNIC, UNAIDS, UNDSS, OCHA and UNRCO, stand together to send a vote of no confidence in ICSC



Monrovia, Liberia | UNHCR Staff Association calls for reform of the ICSC



Beirut, Lebanon | ESCWA staff join their voice, “One Voice, One Staff, One UN…”



Kampala, Uganda | UNHCR staff have no confidence in ICSC



Bangkok, Thailand | UNICEF staff campaign for equal pay



Niamey, Niger | ECA staff say NO to pay cuts



Darfur, Sudan | UNAMID staff send a message to ICSC



Moscow, Russia | ILO staff have no confidence in ICSC



Nonthaburi, Thailand | WHO staff stand against pay cuts



Santiago, Chile | ILO  staff send their vote of no confidence in ICSC



Bangkok, Thailand | UN Women say NO to pay cuts



Mexico | ILO staff send their support from Mexico



New York, USA | Colleagues from CCISUA and UNISERV, along with statisticians, join the staff union in NY HQ



Baghdad, Iraq | UNAMI staff send their message from Iraq



Buenos Aires, Argentina | ILO staff in Buenos Aires call for reform of the ICSC



Dakar, Senegal | ILO staff join the global campaign



New York and Washington DC, USA | ILO staff send their support



South Sudan | UNMISS staff campaign from the field



Brindisi, Italy | UNGSC staff campaign for reform



Vienna, Austria | Staff Union at Vienna starts its campaign



Geneva, Switzerland | Staff join the protest at a townhall meeting followed by a demonstration


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Athens, Greece | UNHCR Staff Association joins its voice



Kuwait | KJSO staff send a message



Entebbe, Uganda | RSCE joins the protest



Geneva, Switzerland | CERN staff association sends letter of support



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | ECA staff do a one hour work stoppage



Bangkok, Thailand | ESCAP staff protest


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Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam | ILO Staff Union in Vietnam briefs all members on “No Confidence in ICSC” campaign



Geneva, Switzerland | UNOG staff do a work stoppage



Messages from staff in severe field locations


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