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CCISUA’s statement at the Pension Fund Board meeting

Please find below CCISUA’s statement at the Pension Fund Board meeting, held from 26 July to 3 August 2018, in Rome, Italy.


Mr Chair, Distinguished Members of the Board, Observers, Pension Fund staff,


Dear Colleagues,


Thank you for this opportunity to convey to you some of the views and concerns of our constituents. It is my pleasure to speak to you on behalf of CCISUA and its staff in the field and headquarters duty stations, representing 60,000 international civil servants and participants of the fund.


First, we wish to place on record our deepest appreciation and genuine gratitude to the staff of the Pension Fund and we appreciate their commitment to improve its efficiency. We also appreciate the renewed commitments for stronger cooperation within the Fund.


With this, allow us to draw your attention to three key issues of concern.


Payment of benefits


We wish to stress the importance of reaching the objective of 75 percent beneficiaries receiving their pension within 15 days. We acknowledge the progress made and that currently the Fund is able to pay 67 percent of beneficiaries who request withdrawal of their pension benefits and 57 percent of those who request retirement benefits within 15 days.


However, more work needs to be done to ensure that no one falls into the cracks and that there is a personal and direct channel with them, to have a consistent and efficient link to the Pension Fund.


On a parallel note, and with the same objective of reducing the waiting period to receive pension benefits, we also highlight the importance for the SPC secretaries to do their part.


Sometimes, when staff retire, their records are not processed with the necessary urgency, causing unnecessary delays.




We remain concerned that the three internal audits carried out throughout the year were not distributed to board as required by the Fund’s rules of procedure. Further we are concerned about the overspending on procurement on consulting services and cost overruns, noting that this money belongs to our constituents. We are also concerned that IPAS was implemented while it wasn’t ready and that critical recommendations from the internal auditor were discarded.


Non-regular staff


Last but not least, we notice with concern the growing number of non-staff in all organizations, sometimes working for years with non-staff contracts. Nowadays, it seems that staff often enter in the pension system at a later stage of their life, which not only has an impact on their pension benefits, but it has also consequences for the Fund. Therefore, we hope there will be a study regarding the possibility that staff members could pay back the years spent as non-staff on a voluntary basis. We hope this project will see light in a near future.


Participants look forward to the outcome of this session of the Board with heightened expectations and greater hopes. On their behalf, CCISUA also trust that your actions will address and resolve their urgent concerns.


Thank you for your attention.


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