Mitigating the impact of COVID-19: Staff Federations Request Urgent Post Adjustment Measures to Protect Staff

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On 20 March, the three staff Federations of the UN common system, CCISUA, FICSA and UNISERV, addressed a letter to the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) Chairman, Mr. Djakta, highlighting the progress of the Working Group on Operational Rules in its proposals to bring greater stability to field duty stations (group II) and, this way, protect staff from the inadvertent impacts on post adjustment of sudden currency devaluations and other shocks.

Noting that the ICSC Spring Session was cancelled due to COVID-19, the Federations asked the Chairman to urgently consider measures in his power to have the mentioned proposals adopted.

On 31 March, the ICSC Chairman, Mr. Larbi Djacta, responded to the Federations’ letter, informing that it is too early to make any objective assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on economic conditions in the various duty stations. Mr. Djacta assured that any consequential volatility that may occur in the future due to the effects of COVID-19 can be effectively addressed by the current system of operational rules.

The ICSC Chairman further informed that it is within his delegated authority to have special measures implemented, if necessary.

On 22 April, the three staff Federations addressed a letter to the ICSC Chairman informing about reports received by the Federations from members in group II duty stations regarding the negative impact of COVID-19 on the take-home pay of staff in those duty stations. The Federations shared a report from one of the members, which illustrates the expressed concerns.

The letters and the ICSC Chairman’s response are available here: