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“The United Nations [is] ready to be a platform in which different actors could come together and discuss the way forward, in order to find the adequate approaches to make sure that we are able to deal with the problem of cybersecurity.”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Munich Security Conference 2018

The interconnected nature of modern society accelerates commerce, opens vast opportunities for development and connects individuals across the globe on an unprecedented scale. However, the same technologies that Governments, private sector enterprises and a growing proportion of the world’s population depend upon every day also bring risks for security and privacy. The United Nations System Chief Executives Board (CEB) and its two high-level committees, the High-level Committee on Management (HLCM) and the High-level Committee on Programmes (HLCP), have been repeatedly working to advance system-wide coordination and leadership on cybersecurity and cybercrime in its various dimensions, including with a view to strengthening the United Nations system’s own capacity to protect itself from cyberattacks.

In recognition of the increasing concern among agencies of the United Nations system regarding cybersecurity and cybercrime, CEB, through HLCP, endorsed a United Nations-wide framework on cybersecurity and cybercrime (see Annex) in November 2013. The framework established principles for programme development activities related to cybercrime and cybersecurity, as well as for better coordination among United Nations entities on this issue in support of Member States.

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Source : CEB