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2022 Mid-term meeting

The CCISUA hold its annual mid-term meeting in New York from 8th to 11th of October 2022. During these extensive 4 days, CCISUA had the pleasure to meet and discuss internally about several issues and concerns such as

  • ICSC matters
  • HR network issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Pension Fund issues
  • Expansion od Health inssurance to Family members od UN staff
  • Investigations and audis
  • Travel matters
  • Protection of Staff representative from reprisals
  • Security matters
  • Harassment/sexual harassment
  • Informal justice system

CCISUA members also had also the opportunity to meet and discuss with

  • Martha Helena Lopez, ASG for Human Resources
  • Boguslaw Winid and Ibrahim Yansaneh from ICSC
  • David Penklis, Deputy Chief executive of Pension Administration and Toru Shindo from OIM Pension
  • Therese Fitzpatrick, Global lead UN System Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy
  • Yuri Orlov, Chief of Salaries & Allowances, ICSC and Ibrahim Yansaneh, Chief of Statistics, ICSC
  • Gilles Michaud, USG for Safety and security
  • Christian Saunders, Special Coordinator on UN Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
  • Kiyohiko Haswgawa, Human Rights Officer, Office of Victims’ Rights Advocate for the UN
  • Shireen Dodson, UN Ombudsman and Head of the CEB Network of Ombudsmen and Mediators