• To promote the common interest of international civil servants of all categories whose staff unions/associations are members of CCISUA.

  • To provide a means for staff representative bodies with common concerns to consult with one another both formally and informally with a view to reaching consensus on issues affecting conditions of service and staff welfare.

  • To permit those staff unions, associations, and other staff representative bodies of the system to address advisory and decision-making bodies with a united voice and in particular to participate actively in the work of ICSC, HR Network, HLCM, CEB, the Pension Board, and the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly.

  • To assist each other in finding solutions to common problems and in monitoring the implementation of decisions affecting the staff both at Headquarters duty stations and in the field.

  • To cooperate with other staff groupings with a view to formally arriving at common positions with other staffing groupings on matters affecting staff welfare.

  • To adhere to the spirit of solidarity and support for each member whenever needed.