With your support, we are asking Member States to reject pay cuts for all staff

Fairness for Frontline Workers Campaign: Have You Signed the Petition?
With your support, we are asking Member States to reject pay cuts for all staff. As a minimum, no staff member should be worse off next year or the year after than they are now. CCISUA presented our case to the General Assembly’s Fifth Committee on Tuesday 10 November, asking them to agree with us and the UN management that the ICSC’s proposals are not fit for purpose, and that the ICSC needs more time to ensure the new compensation structure does not undermine the UN’s ability to deliver its mission for emergency aid, development and human rights.
Please take action today and ask your friends and family to support the campaign by signing your petition here: Avaaz petition – Protect UN humanitarian aid workers
Your friends and family can pass the petition on to their friends as well. Thousands of staff members have signed the petition – let’s spread the campaign wider! We need your help in the campaign, which can only be won with your involvement and support. Undermining the living standards of staff is no way to mark the 70th anniversary of the UN. We have no doubt that people will be deeply concerned at the way staff are being treated – but only if we tell them about it! We need to deliver a message to all UN Member States and their representatives in New York. We need to show them that the staff they employ deserve respect, support and a fair deal.
Please sign the petition today and ask everyone you know to sign as well.